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For Monday October 3rd the line-up is:-

The Cherrystones

Wild Summers

Arthur Hyde

Sonya Smith

Andy Dwyer

The A49ers

Please note - Wild Summers are replacing the Vegan Vampires


There will be a Folk Club EXTRA event on Saturday 8th October 2022 at 7.30 -

GREY WOLF in Concert

The superb Old Time Americana quartet.

Tickets £10 on sale now from

There is no on-line booking fee.  

Tickets can also be bought at the October folk club.



It was good to welcome Bandangle back to the club on 5th Sept for which they were in fine form.  They wrapped up a very diverse and entertaining evening that also featured Mice In A Matchbox, The Rotundas, Terry Tandler, new-to-the-club duo Perl Du (it means Black Pearl) and host Roger Penwill.



 A fine solos and duos night was enjoyed on 1st August with our friends from Darby, Steve and Julie Wigley heading the line up. We welcomed new-to-the-club Nick and Jane and the returning, and ever popular, John Mosedale. Jim Allen was on fine form with his set on the banjo as was the duo Alibria, following on from host Roger Penwill.


Well, what a 100th Folk Club we had on 4th July!  All the acts had originally performed back when the club nights were held in the local pub. A splendid evening featured -  Mice in a Matchbox, Jim Allen with Martin Thomas and Andy Offer, Terry Tandler, Arthur Hyde, Pete Sandall and Brendan Cropper, The Kinsey Family with Brian Addis and Alison Harrington, Nick Comley (fellow Rotunda Ian had been stricken with Covid) and The A49ers.   ....And the audience was our largest since returning from lockdowns.


An Excellent evening on the 6th June, well-attended and featuring three acts appearing for the first time at the club - Brian Carrington, Sue Stevens and the Eardisland Village Band.  They were supported by Terry Tandler, Roger Penwill and Brain Addis plus the welcome return of Pete Sandall and Brendan Cropper.



Another good line-up entertained the audience on 2nd May, which featured, all in fine form, club newcomers Dustbird, returning duo Koppelli, frequent club performers Arthur Hyde, John Mosedale, Brian Addis and Alison Harrington and now Covid-free host Roger Penwill.



Thanks to Nick Comley for standing in as host on 4th April. The A49ers weren't able to perform due to Roger and Hazel having Covid.   However Nick introduced Bandangle, Deborah Rose, Mice in a Matchbox, Huw Knight and Viv Bell and Terry Tandler who provided an appreciative audience with another excellent evening of great folk at Brimfield.


The biggest audience since restarting last August enjoyed a splendid evening with everyone on top form.   The first half was started by  Roger Penwill (joined on his first song by Jim Allen and Andy Offer) followed by a well-received first appearance at the club by Kidd Raven and completed by a fine set from local singer/songwriter Murray Esplin.  Then second half saw the return of Jim Allen with Andy Offer, followed by now regular performers The Rotundas.  The evening was brought to a splendid and lively conclusion by the return of The Kitchen Island Band.

Arthur Hyde was unfortunately unable to perform due to severe toothache, but will be performing next at the May folk club.



, With the acts again performing on the stage, a much increased audience on 7th February enjoyed and appreciated an excellent and diverse collection of sets from Bouzatina, Mice In A Matchbox, Terry Tandler, Roger Pugh, Alibria and Roger Penwill and Brian Addis.

If anyone dropped a scarf in the car park - we have it!  Please get in touch.


It may have been a slightly reduced audience on 3rd January, but it was a very enthusiastic one to start off the new year.   A jolly evening was capped off by the splendid Vegan Vampires, following a lovely set by Mair Thomas.  Arthur Hyde (accompanied by Sally Stamford on a couple of numbers), The Rotundas and The A49ers all contributed to make it an enjoyable night.  Giving more space for the audience involved moving the performers onto the stage, rather than being in front of it -  a change that is likely to be permanent.



A great night at the club on 6th December, with everyone on top form. Thanks go to The Cherrystones, Mice In A Matchbox, John Mosedale, Terry Tandler, The A49ers and new visitors to the club Ann and Dave Reader.  Thanks to everyone, including our splendid audiences, for finishing this year so well.



We missed The Vegan Vampires at the 1st November club night as unfortunately they had to pull out the day before but we hope to rebook them soon. Andy Dwyer was the last minute replacement, with a fine set.  We also enjoyed The Rotundas, Arthur Hyde, Jim Allen, Sheena Wieckowicz, Brian Addis and host Roger Penwill.


On the 4th October our largest club night audience so far since the club restarted back in August enjoyed a splendidly diverse evening, featuring Steve and Julie Wigley from Derby, Mice in a Matchbox, a first and much enjoyed appearance by Mair Thomas, BanoJim Allen, Alibria and host Roger Penwill.


An excellent evening was held on 25th September when Edwina Hayes performed in the latest of our very occasional Saturday night Extra concerts.   Originally scheduled for last autumn, it was a casualty of lockdowns and it felt long overdue. The appreciative audience happily enjoyed two hours of Edwina's glorious voice and delightful chat.




The folk night on 6th September included The Rotundas, (their full 5-piece line-up reduced to 4 as one member was indisposed), Knight and  Bell, Terry Tandler, Koppelli, Andy Dwyer and Roger Penwill with Brian Addis.  Everyone was in good form, giving the good audience an enjoyable evening.


Brimfield Folk Club returns!

It was great to open the doors for the first time since March last year. A good audience shared the performers' enjoyment of being back singing live. An evening with The A49ers, John Mosedale, Mice in a Matchbox and Arthur Hyde and finished with an excellent, spirited performance by the Grey Wolf duo of Jim Allen and Martin Thomas now augmented by new group member Andy Offer on bass.

We now look forward the next club night on 6th September featuring The Rotundas (the five-piece version!).







If you would like further information or would like to perform at the

Brimfield Folk Club, please contact Roger Penwill.

using the contact form or   Tel:  01584 711480


It is recommended that you come along to an evening as a member of the audience and have a chat with Roger before offering to perform at a subsequent folk night.

Performance slots are usually 15 minutes or 4 songs, whichever is the shorter.  It is aimed to finish the evening by 10pm.  There is a 15 minute break mid-evening.

We are always looking to welcome new performers!

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Dan Nichol                    Andy Cook            Calibria

Arthur Hyde                                Terry Tandler             Mind The Dog

Some of the acts that have appeared at Brimfield